Why Buy...

... when you can Rent the best?



If you need a flow meter on your next job, ask yourself this...... Should I buy a sub-standard flow meter with questionable credentials, OR, should I Rent the best flowmeter in the world?

A good Dual Mode, Dual Channel, Portable, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter should cost you >$15,000, and will take a bunch of weeks to arrive. If you find one cheaper on the internet, it is undoubtedly of questionable reliability and credentials.

Unless you use your flowmeter a couple of times per week, the advantage of hiring a good flowmeter far outweighs purchasing a cheap tool. If you rent a product from us, you’ll know exactly which product you’ll be receiving, and can rest assured the meter is in perfect condition.

Here’s some of the advantages of renting from FlowRental.com:

  • Exactly the right tool will be delivered to your jobsite via the shipper of your choice 
  • Every flowmeter will be inspected, sanitized, and maintained prior to shipping
  • Instant telephone access to experienced flow surveyors who have seen your problem many times before.
  • Rent by the day, on a company PO or Credit Card.
  • 5 day weeks, Saturday and Sunday are free
  • Simplified Rental Agreement Form

If you have questions please give us a call at:

866-337-4356 or 717-514-4952